Un grupo de alumnos de nuestro centro comienza hoy un viaje a Italia. Pasadlo genial. Gracias a doña Dori Márquez y doña Ana García por acompañarlos.
Hi everyone! Today was a really funny day! It was our second day in this new city and we couldn’t be more excited; yesterday was good, but today was the real first day, the day when we have been aware of being in a different country, with a different family as well!
I have an amazing family who prepared me a delicious breakfast as soon as I got up: home-made loving jam croissants! then, we got dressed and went to an enormous park. There, we played volley, if we could say volley to it, because we were trying to keep the ball in the air all the time in spite of trying to beat the other time haha. In addition, we ate some lovely Italian starters and three types of pasta: pomodoro, pesto and putanessca one.
In the afternoon, we all went to Florence’ s center, a lovely place where we have been hanging out and chilling. We ate the best ice cream I have never tried before, it was so yummy! While we were walking through the center of the town, we saw some stunning monuments such as Santa Maria del Fiore’s cathedral or Vecchio’s bridge.
At the evening I had dinner with my host family: meat balls with onion and baked potatoes; it couldn’t be better. At night, we were watching a film, but we were so exhausted that we went to bed.
It was an unbelievable day! I hope tomorrow will be even better! 🙂
Today we could enjoy a wonderful day at Florence. Despite it was raining almost all the day we had a lot fun. In the first place we all met at our italian partners’ school. There we saw the facilities they have, we all think that it is very beautiful.
Then, we went by walking to the Duomo and we were able to see the dome from the top. We have never seen such a stunning work of art, it is gorgeus! We also walked up near 450 steps, so we were a bit tired but we saw Florence from above, it is so shocking! Finished that we did a tour around the city in which we learn so many interesting facts. What’s more we visited the Baptistery which was also beautiful. Outside that place we meet again with our parterns and we could go to eat and go shopping.
To finish with, we went to the Museum of Illusion and I can assure we couldn’t stop laughing as there were many strange mirrors and things to try on.
And that’s the end of this day :))
Los días pasan y seguimos sorprendiéndonos a cada paso. Ayer fue Siena a donde llegamos en tren. Desde el primer momento nos sorprendió una ciudad hermosa donde confluyen los soportales de madera y las torres que parecen tocar el cielo. Hemos descubierto una ciudad universitaria donde tradición y modernidad se dan la mano. Volveremos sin duda.

The day began at the entrance of the school. Then, they showed us the gym, and we played dodgeball with the Italian students. Later, we went to the Academia. We saw very interesting art, but the best was Michelangelo’s David. Later, we went to the Church of Anunzziati, and it was very interesting to see. It was also huge and I really liked it. Later, we went to the Giotto Tower and climbed 416 steps, it was very tiring, but the view from the top was incredible. Later, we were divided into two groups, and I went to the Santa Crocce Church.

Finally, we returned home, and I had some delicious spaghetti for dinner. I loved them!

Aujourd’ hui à été un jour plein des bons moments et de culture; nous sommes allés à Pisa, une ville au milieu de l’ Italie qui est trés connu pour son formidable tour incliné.

La matin, j’ai pris le bus avec ma copine italienne pour arriver à l’ arrêt de bus, puis, nous avons fait un voyage d’ une heure pour aller à Pisa; là bas, nous avons écouté a un magnifique guide qui à expliqué le cimentière, l’hôpital, le bautisterio, la cathédrale de saint Marie de la Assomption, le clocher incliné… et beaucoup d’outres choses! J’adore tout la culture d’Italie.

Nous avons mangé tous ensemble à un restaurant et ensuite nous nous sommes promenés par Pisa.
La soir, ont est allé en promenade et nous avons acheté des souvenirs!

Finalement, nous sommes retournés à la maison; j’ai dîné avec la grand-mémé, qui est très amusante, un délicieuse lasagne avec de la viande!!

La nuit, tout ma famille et moi avons joué aux cartes espagnolas!!! Nous nous sommes très bien passé!!!!

The last day in Italy!
The day began with the visit to the Palace Pitti, where we could see the immense rooms and how beautiful this was, and the picture of «the pregnant» of Rafael Sanzio Among Others. This palace belonged to Eleanor of Toledo but never came to live in it.

Later, we went to see the gardens of «Bonoli» -«Giardino di Boboli». In the gardens where we could see its great vastness and its beauty, it was a paradise!

A little later, they left us some free time when most of us went to eat and buy some souvenirs to our families.

At 4 o’clock, we headed towards the gallery of the «Uffizi» where the group that the other day did not enter to see it, could see its interior, and the other group could go to visit the «Basilica di Santa Croce» in which to our surprise were recording a famous series! It is normal to record it there, because the facade of the Basilica is impressive.

Already in the evening, we all went to dinner in a very luxurious place restaurant, where we could all enjoy our last night together.

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