Comic Contest

What would life be like in 2050? Will we have flying cars? O chips under our skin? Maybe the next generations will be fascinated by our way of communicating through Instagram instead of using telepathic communication! In this contest you have the opportunity to imagine that future and its possible consequences, using your creativity and imagination.



  1. You must be a student of 1st year Bachillerato in Los Predroches High School.
  2. You must use English in your comic (language and vocabulary will be taken into account)
  3. You can do it by hand or with a computer program like
  4. It will have two pages with 6 strips each, 12 strips in total.
  5. Deadline for submission March 12 2019, in class.
  6. Prizes: Best Comic Creation, Most Original Idea.
  7. It is an individual competition.

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