Short Film Contest

Have you ever thought about the consequences of technological advance? Are you worried about the kind of life you will have to live or the childhood your children will have?
This contest is an opportunity to show your view about this topic. Be a film director, an actor, a screenwriter…

1.      You must be a student of 1st year bachillerato in Los Pedroches high school. You can work in teams or individually.
2.      You must use English (written or spoken) in your short film: language and vocabulary will be taken into account.
3.      You can use any video application or program: creativity is required!
4.      Your short film length should be between 4 and 6 minutes.
5.      Deadline for submission is March 12 2019.
6.      Prizes: best short film, most original short film, best actor/actress.

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